" This is an open letter to anyone researching prosthodontics or needing quality dental rehabilitation. If you desire beautiful, precision additions to your mouth, you have found the place. Dr. Douglas has established a practice of excellence coupled with compassionate, thorough care.

After living in dental chairs for sixty years, working to save my teeth, I had to surrender to the inevitable. As anyone knows who has experienced this, it is a life changer. After a few years of adjustment with dentures, then implant surgery, I found my way to the Benting practice.

I could never have imagined the detail necessary as I kept returning for fittings. As Dr. Benting has the vast experience to design and make my (teeth), unheard of in my experience, I felt so cared for. Dr. Benting was so involved, observing the process for the highest results for me. To properly construct the (new teeth) for the monumentally, sophisticated act of eating and speaking took time. In this age of quick fixes, I had to reorient my thinking to see how important it was to value the time Dr. Benting was taking.

My life has been so enriched with the excellence I live with. As my other dental hygienist of thirty years said upon seeing the work, “These are the most beautifully detailed (teeth) I have ever seen”. I am grateful for my results and that this dedicated practice exists in Dr. Benting’s office. "


" Dr. Benting, you are a kind, caring, and gentle dental professional. You are “fussy”. You need to be personally satisfied with the appliances you create. Unlike other dentists I have seen, you listen to your patients, you want our opinions, you make us feel comfortable about asking questions, and do not take yourself seriously. I never felt rushed because you had to see another patient. Creating a prosthesis of any kind is an art form. In my book, Dr. Benting, you are an artist!

Dr. Benting, I would recommend you to anyone who desires quality work in a caring and non-judgmental atmosphere. "

- Phillip L.

" I went to Dr. Benting while I was convinced by other dental professionals Implants were the answer. Also I had two sets of dentures, which were useless. Met with Dr. Benting and found him to be a great communicator who explained I had a perfect mouth with the proper bone structure for dentures. I decided to do dentures, which he made in his own lab, and they are perfect and were from the first time I put them in my mouth. He is by far a professional who is concerned for his patients and works to provide the best for them.

Thank You "

- David L.

" When I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia seven months ago, I had no idea that once I survived those first tentative weeks, that my battle was really just beginning. Due to a serious infection during one of several rounds of chemo, I had to have immediate surgery to remove all of my teeth and some of my jawbone. Afterwards, I was told that dentures might be an impossibility due to the bone loss. I was getting used to hearing hard news, but this was particularly devastating. I needed proper nutrition to get through the next phase of chemotherapy, and was steadily losing weight. Cancer had already taken my hair, my strength and now my ability to eat normally, speak clearly and feel confident when I smile.

I was several weeks into a liquid diet, facing 2 more years of chemo, when I visited Dr. Benting. He was sympathetic to my situation and immediately assured that he could help me. He understood that time was of the essence and amazingly, in just one week, I had a full set of teeth in time for my next round of chemo! He and his staff made this experience so simple for me and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. He took the time to address my concerns as well as those of my wife and eight year old daughter, who have come with me to my appointments. Dr. Benting is attentive, intuitive and incredibly skilled. He anticipated my needs and never made me feel rushed at any appointment. He really has a heart for what he does and made me feel like I was his only patient.

My new dentures have far exceeded my expectations. They fit perfectly and look completely natural. Immediately after receiving them, my friends, family, and physicians have remarked how healthy I look. When I tell them it is because of my new smile, they can’t believe what a difference it has made. Cancer has been a difficult journey. Dr. Benting made it possible for me to continue fighting this disease with every advantage, and for that, my family and I are incredibly grateful. "

- Mike H.

" When I was just 15, I got hit in the mouth with a baseball. After several crowns and root canals and various other cosmetic procedures over the last 30 years, I finally got a smile that I could live with again. (When your front 4 teeth are damaged and you are in the public eye every day, finding a Dentist/Doctor that you trust to do quality work becomes a top priority!)

I have to admit, that when I moved into the Phoenix area, the last thing I wanted to do was try and find another Dr. to help me with my teeth. Well, I’m glad I was referred to Dr. Benting. Dental technology has changed a lot in the last 30 years and when I needed to repair some of the previous work that had been done when I was younger, Dr. Benting not only explained all of my options and listened to my questions and concerns, but also, did excellent work! My smile looks better than ever!

Recently, when one of my old crowns came loose on a Friday night, Dr. Benting stayed late into the night to help me take care of it. Now that’s customer service! It’s a wonderful combination when you find a Dentist who you can trust, and who does top quality work! Thank you Dr. Benting and the entire staff. I would highly recommend you to anyone. "

- TOM G.

" I think it’s been more than a week since you finished your work on my teeth. In that time I’ve tried just about everything, including robust steaks, and had not a bit of trouble. My teeth are now comfortable and they look so much better than they originally did. Thank you very much for doing a truly outstanding job. "


" Thank you so much for all the hard work you did on my teeth. It was a pleasure coming to your office. You and your staff always made my husband and I feel special. Thank you for working out a treatment plan and a payment schedule that fit my budget. I felt more relaxed with you than with any other dentist I had been to see. After my first appointment, I had complete confidence in your ability to do whatever needed to be done. It was a long process, but the end results were well worth it. My new bridge and crown are real nice. The new partial fits my mouth perfect.

Thanks to you I can chew my food again. The really big thing is I can smile without being embarrassed. My new partial fits so well, I sometimes forget it’s there. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a professional job done on their teeth. I feel you are a great person and very meticulous about your work. "


" I have had dental problems since I was 18. I have had every surgery known to dentistry including prosthetics. I now could be a dentist myself. Dr. Benting is the most gentle, sympathetic and artistic doctor I have ever known and since I am 73 years old, you can only guess how many dentist chairs I have clenched my fingers on. He and his wonderful staff made me feel at ease and welcome. I didn’t clench once.

I recommend him to everyone and anyone who is willing to listen to me sing his praises. "


" I have found Dr. Benting and his staff to display great concern for the comfort and well-being of their patients. They are very knowledgeable and meticulous in the performance of their profession. I am pleased with the procedures they have done for me and I would highly recommend them to all who are looking for a dentist who is proficient and reliable. Doctor Benting and his staff are who you want. "


" I was referred to Dr. Benting by my oral surgeon about two years ago to correct a problem I had been having repeatedly with my upper denture which was installed after having implant replacements. Through many trials and much perseverance on Dr. Benting’s part, I am now able to wear my denture consistently without pain for the first time in many years.

Dr. Benting’s is not only a caring and patient professional, he demonstrates a real pride and exceptional skill in what he does.

His entire office staff share his friendly and caring manner and, for me, has helped make my experience positive, comfortable and, above all, successful! Thank you, Dr. Benting! "


" A couple of years ago I had four implants put on my bottom gum so that I could have a snap-on denture. I was on a liquid diet and had no bottom teeth for two weeks. Dr. Benting is very meticulous. The new denture he made fits perfectly – everything looks and feels balanced – unlike the old denture. I was so excited I stopped by Fry’s and bought t-bone steaks for dinner that night. What a difference – I could chew my steak thoroughly and my new denture did not come loose or slop around. No sore spots either. My first follow-up appointment with Dr. Benting. It has been 10 days and 2 t-bone steaks since I received my new denture. I have no complaints – Halleluiah! There is help out there for people experiencing problems and frustration due to ill fitting dentures and other dental maladies.

If you are experiencing similar or other dental problems-I recommend you consult with Dr. Benting. I’m so glad I did. "


" I have suffered from Sjogren’s Syndrome for many years. A result of this is a lack of saliva and an extremely dry mouth, which caused my teeth to become very fragile and fall apart. Extra attention to oral hygiene did not prevent tooth loss.

Knowing that the extremely dry mouth could make wearing dentures quite uncomfortable, I decided to have dental implants with attachments to secure the dentures in place. This concept is good, but I found that having the attachments in the denture caused weak spots that resulted in the dentures fracturing. My dentist was at a loss as to how to prevent this. When the upper denture of the third set fractured, Dr. Donald Robertson, the periodontist who had done my implants suggested I see Dr. Douglas Benting.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Benting. Because the lower denture was still intact, he was willing to fit it to the new upper denture to make the expense easier on me even though replacing both at the same time would have been easier for him. He is very knowledgeable, meticulous, and a skilled craftsman. Adding metal to the denture has added strength to prevent the fracturing. After a year and a half, I have now had to replace the lower denture and I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. Dr. Benting and his staff have been wonderful to work with and have made the experience quite enjoyable. I give him and his staff my highest recommendation. "

- Norma H.

" I moved to Arizona about three years ago and always thought I had received good dental in my home state. I cracked a tooth and was simply amazed by the thoroughness of the exam during my first appointment. Dr. Benting and his staff set a completely different standard for quality dental care and I could not be more impressed or pleased with my treatment. Kerry cleans my teeth better than I would have believed possible. Every trip to their office is a comfortable, pleasant experience and you always know they sincerely care that their treatment is right for you. I absolutely recommend Dr. Benting. "

- Virginia

" Thank you and your staff for making what I believed was going to be a horrendous process turn out to be a very comfortable and easy experience. You and your staff have been very kind, gracious, and personable yet professional. You are wonderful people doing wonderful things for myself and many others. Many many thanks and an abundance of appreciation, "

- Terilynn C.

" After an extended search for a dentist/prosthodontist the same name continued to appear on my list, Dr. Douglas Benting. I called for an appointment for a consultation and evaluation. Upon my return to learn of Dr. Benting’s assessment and recommendation, the treatment plan was discussed. I would have new dentures and two dental implants. I have been a denture wearer for over 50 years so I was not new to the process. In all my past experiences I have never encountered a dentist with this level of skill and attention to detail in conjuntion with concern for patient comfort. I am happy with my treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Douglas Benting. "

- Rozann C.

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